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The VLC media player from the manufacturer Videolan can play audio and video files in many formats as well as DVDs, VCDs and streams from the Internet. Among other things, this is due to the FFmpeg library, which includes many codecs. Streaming protocols for webcams, web TV and Internet radio are also supported by the VLC Player. The media player is not only available for installation on the computer, there are also mobile apps as well as a portable version of VLC media player, which can be started from a USB stick without installation, for example to watch movies in MP4 format on a computer on which no software can be installed due to lack of administrator rights.

VLC media player comes with codecs
To play movies and other media in MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MP4, MKV, WebM, WMV, MOV, AVI, FLV or MP3 formats, you don’t need any additional codecs, because the developers of Videolan have integrated them into VLC media player. However, VLC player supports even more formats, media and protocols, which are listed on the manufacturer’s site.

Basic functions
Like the portable version of the VLC media player, the version for installation brings all the important functions for watching videos, listening to music and streaming media from the Internet. The menu of the multimedia freeware offers, among other things, equalizer, compressor and reverb effects that provide a better sound. Sharpness, light and color filters improve the playback of movies and the playlist allows you to play several video files in a row. Subtitles are also no problem for’s player. Many formats are supported by default, which can be flexibly adjusted in position and display. If they are out of sync during a video, VLC media player allows a correction.

Optimized playback
In addition, videos can be rotated smoothly, which helps against the edgewise video syndrome that often occurs when filming with a smartphone. Since version 2.2.0, VLC media player detects this problem on its own and performs the rotation automatically. Apart from rotating videos, other tools such as zoom in, zoom out, flip or distort are available in the menu. The zoom function enlarges a certain section of the video, and the player uses the resume function to continue playing media from the point where you last closed the freeware. Playback of zipped media files is possible directly with VLC media player, so that the ZIP folder does not have to be unzipped beforehand.

Converter and recording function
A practical function of the VLC media player is also the conversion of media files into other formats. In addition, the player from offers a recording function, which can be used to record live streams from the Internet or videos from CDs and DVDs, among other things. However, copyrighted videos can block the recording of the VLC media player. Other functions can be added via extensions. The administration for “Plug-ins and Extensions” is located under “Tools” and offers an integrated search. Supplementary information can be found in the blog post The best features of VLC media player.