Finding the Contrast between Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Everyone’s fantasy nowadays is to have a Smartphone. These days’ different devices are released and launched in the market. Each device has its features, performance, design, display, storage, and camera etc. You can find different brands of various companies at different prices. At this point, it becomes difficult to pick one, but going through certain phone’s features and comparing the devices can enable you in understanding which phone to purchase.

Let’s compare the differences between Samsung galaxy note 10 and 10+ to pick the best one among them.

What are the similarities present between note 10 and note 10+?

    • Both of them are same in few things like they have a design that is similar to each other.
    • This design incorporates minimum bezels, metal body, IP68 rated glass, an arrangement of a vertical rear camera, and front camera of 10 megapixels.
    • The note 10 and note 10+ provides a similar processor, and there is no headphone jack for both phones.
    • You can get Bluetooth S Pen, which is inbuilt for both of them.
    • There is a presence of a fingerprint sensor for locking the phone screen.
    • The cellular and wireless networks are 4GLTE for note 10 and note 10+.

Differences between Samsung Galaxy note 10 and note 10+

Even though note 10 and note 10+ are similar to each other in some things, they are different from each other in a few other things. Here, let’s look at the differences between Samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10+.


The phone note 10 comes with a display of 6.3 inches with the dimensions of 2280×1080. On the other side, note10+ comes with a screen of 6.8 inches with the 3040×1440 dimensions. They both have panels of AMOLED display and offer HDR 10+. Here for one, the device resolutions are not the same. The device, note 10, provides a resolution of Full HD+, whereas note 10+ provides the resolution of Quad HD+. Even the densities of pixel differ, note 10 has 401ppi while note 10+ has 498ppi. Although the resolutions are differing, it doesn’t make a huge contrast. If you want a larger screen, then note 10+ is best for you; if not, note 10 is better.

The Physical dimensions:

Both of the devices note 10, and note 10+ are different in terms of physical weight and size. The device, note 10, weighs about 168g, and dimensions are 151 x 71.8 x 7.9mm. On the other hand, note 10+ has the physical weight of 196grams, and dimensions are 162.3 x 77.2 x 7.9mm.

Storage and RAM:

The phone, note 10, offers storage of two fifty-six gigabytes, and it has RAM of 8GB. It has no support for microSD. While on the other side, note 10+ has the storage accessible in two options, one is 256GB, and other choice is 512GB. It has a RAM of 12 GB, and there is a micro SD card for the two options of storage devices. The note 10+ acts as the most powerful handset, but the performance of note 10+ and note 10 is equivalent to each other in some context.


The device, Samsung galaxy note 10, comes with a capacity of 3500 mAh battery. While note 10+ offers the capacity of 4300 mAh battery. It is an expectation that many potential customers use larger phones, as the smaller ones cannot be able to keep up charging for a large amount of time. The two devices offer the charging of 45 watts, and both of them do provide the reverse wireless charging.

Colours of note 10 and note 10+:

The two devices note 10 and note 10+ are accessible to the users in three colours. The colour Aura Glow and Aura Black are similar for both of the designs. The phone, galaxy note 10, is available in Aura Pink, and note10+ is accessible in the colour Aura White to users. These colours will differ based on the change of areas.

Specifications of the rear camera:

Both the Smartphones Samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10+ have a back camera of the triple vertical framework. It is made up of twelve megapixels with the Dual Aperture and OIS. And there is an ultra-wide camera of 16 megapixels with a gap of f/2.2, a telephoto camera of 12 megapixels with a gap of f/2.1 and OIS.

Likewise, the device, note 10+, offers the fourth sensor of Time of Flight sensor on the back. The company calls this camera of DepthVision. It has an objective of VGA and a gap of f/2.4. And it ought to permit increasingly thorough profundity capture of data.

Price of Samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10+:

As you would anticipate, there is a distinction present between the cost of note 10 and note 10+. In the United States, the Samsung galaxy note 10 begins at the price of 949.99 dollars whereas the note 10+ begins at 1099.99 dollars. In the United Kingdom, the note 10 device begins at 899 Euros, and the device note 10+ begins at 999 Euros. The 5G version of note 10+ begins at 1099 Euros.

The conclusion:

Here, after comparing note 10 and note, 10+ conclusions are note 10+ wins. It offers more RAM, bigger battery, support of microSD, more stockpiling alternatives, quad back camera arrangement, instead of the triple back camera in note 10, and a bigger keen showcase.

But compared with standard note 10, the device, note 10+, is more costly, and it is bigger, so it probably won’t be the go-to taste of everybody. Regardless of whether it offers more in specifications and is the successor. How we truly consider this to be separating is that most of the note clients will go to purchase note 10+ as the gadget size is bigger than they need. On the other side, the device, note 10, is truly there to draw in the individuals discouraged by the size of the note Ten plus.