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Even in the age of HTML5, Flash is still a used technology for videos and web pages. That’s why you may need a Flash player in your browser to play SWF files if video platforms and other websites don’t offer an alternative. On the go, Adobe Flash Player for Android is helpful for watching Flash videos on your smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Flash Player for Android
For years, the Flash Player for Android devices has not been developed further and is not available in the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, you can download the last APK files of the Android app from 10.9.2013, for which there will probably be no more update and thus contained security holes will not be closed.

The Adobe Flash Player for Android has to be installed manually. To do so, download the APK file from the Adobe manufacturer’s site or from us via the download button on the Android device. The next step is to go into the settings of the smartphone or tablet and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources there. Now select the downloaded file, which will be installed after a short prompt. For security reasons, the installation of apps from unknown sources should then be prohibited again.

Configuring settings for the Flash Player
A tap on the “Flash Player Settings” icon opens the web page for the settings in the desired browser. After the browser has loaded the web page, the settings for “Local storage” and “Peer-assisted networking” can be made. Here, security-conscious users should never allow local storage or at least delete the local storage regularly to avoid leaving any surfing traces.

After installing and setting up Adobe Flash Player for Android on the mobile device, one can watch the embedded Flash videos and use other Flash content after accessing a web page.

Flash security
Flash has come under criticism over the years as security vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash have appeared time and again. Accordingly, at times there was even a very high risk of catching malware while surfing via Flash content. For this reason, the use of Flash must now be specifically permitted in Firefox and Google Chrome. And of course, antivirus software is recommended to provide protection while surfing, which is not always the case with free antivirus programs.

Alternative to Flash
Today, Flash is hardly necessary for watching videos, as video content is usually offered with the MPEG-4 video codec h.264. This is supported by many browsers, so videos can be viewed on portals such as YouTube and Vimeo without any additional software.

The trend to use Flash for interactive websites is also over with the alternative HTML5. Modern websites do not use Flash, so you only need the Flash Player in exceptional cases to use an old Flash website.

Adobe Flash Player for Android is basically only suitable as a stopgap solution for using websites and watching videos that are based on Flash. Since the software has not received an update for years, it might pose a security risk if malware exploits known but not closed security holes in it.

Flash no longer plays a role in normal everyday surfing, so the Adobe Flash Player for Android should only be used in exceptional cases and with caution, and then uninstalled again. In addition, the available apps only support Android versions 2.x, 3.x and 4.0.x according to the manufacturer and were not programmed for the current versions of the Android operating system.


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